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Thereby Hangs A Tale

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A film written by Jayne Steel & Juliet McKoen about sun, sand, seasonal working and sexual subterfuge.

Greek IslandIn the grimy streets of Toxteth a fast-food feud simmers between Mr Papadopolous (45) of "The Zorba" and his arch enemy, Mr Stakis, (47) owner of "The Turkish Delight". Memories of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus are still fresh in their minds, even though, to their regulars, there's precious little difference between a Turkish kebab and a Greek one.

Their two sons, OLIVER PAPADOPOLOUS (20) and ROS STAKIS (19), have been best mates since infant's school, though they keep schtum about this when their families are around. Oliver is drop dead gorgeous and heterosexual, very heterosexual. Ros has delicate features, curly hair and is gay - though he hasn't yet plucked up the courage to tell his family.

The trouble starts when Ros's cousin CECILIANA STAKIS (18), Cecil for short, journeys up from London to visit her Liverpudlian relatives.

Oliver meets Cecil and they are both smitten. Cecil flirts, Oliver melts. Cecil and Oliver are in love - and, wow, how!

When the families discover, all hell breaks loose. Oliver has a blazing row with his father. Ros is in deep disgrace for his part as unwitting Cupid. And Cecil, seriously pigged off with her prehistoric relatives, packs her bags.

All seems lost, until Oliver has a brainwave. He rings favourite uncle KOSTOS who owns a trendy taverna on Hymenos.

After a little persuasion, Kostos offers Cecil a job in his bar. His friend, PERSEUS ARBOUR (47), owner of the Gaia Healing Holiday Centre, needs an assistant to takeover running the camp when astrological portents are bad. Oliver, a sociology student, is just the lad for the job. Oliver is over the moon. That's them sorted. Now he and Cecil'll live happily ever after. Won't they?

But Ros is gutted. He doesn't want to be left behind. Oliver explains Kostos only wants girls working in the bar. Guys are trouble. Ros grins. He'll 'go as a girl'.

The trio fly to Hymenos. Kostos, very dark, very magnanimous, very Greek, makes them very welcome. He thinks Ros is gorgeous, which, of course, he is.

Ros is distraught when he discovers Hymenos is a favourite hotspot for gay male tourists! Ecstasy then devastation. And to make matters worse, he falls headlong in love with LANDO (23) a handsome gay regular at the bar. But what chance has he got posing as a girl...?

This is romantic comedy based on As You Like It. As the world shifts from a grimy northern English winter to the warmth of a Greek springtime, so petty hostilities change to generous love. And there's a feel-good-factor-ending.