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Thereby Hangs A Tale

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A film written by Jayne Steel & Juliet McKoen about sun, sand, seasonal working and sexual subterfuge.

Greek islandRos is Cypriot, gay, gorgeous and very fond of his cousin Ceciliana and his best friend Oliver. Oliver and Ceciliana are lovers from Liverpool with a big problem. Their families are split by the Cypriot divide. When their fathers find out about their affair, they go ballistic and ban them from seeing each other.

The lovers are rescued from heartbreak when all three youngsters land jobs on the Greek island of Hymenos. There's only one snag. Ros must pose as a girl. His gender bending is convincing, too convincing. This becomes a problem when he falls headlong in love with a lovelorn homosexual called Lando.

What chance has he got dressed as a girl?

Feuding families, elopement, cross-dressing, and, crucially, love, Thereby Hangs a Tale is an As You Like It for a new century. Indeed, love in its many forms, love in its many disillusionments, love in its many beguilings, are the key-notes here.

A Romantic Comedy and some, Thereby Hangs A Tale is funny and sexy. Its whirlwind narrative of ironic twists and turns escalates into a touching finale and a thoroughly feel-good ending.

Bitter-sweet, bawdy, boisterous and beautiful, this is a film that Shakespeare would have been proud of...