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Laughter When We're Dead

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House of Cards in verse - black humour.


It's summer of 2005 and the government is facing certain electoral defeat. The 'project', whatever that was, is long forgotten. Survival is all that matters now and the Prime Minister "in a nod towards tradition", retreats to Newcastle to make his conference plea for another four more years -

"struggling for the souls/Of the excluded and the rich alike. Equipped with nothing but a mike".

As the sun goes down Newcastle comes alive and the people take to the streets to party. Few notice the arrival of the political grandees, even fewer care, but there is violence as the police sweep through town to clear the streets and the needles. The political hangers on and spin doctors gather to sleep through the speeches and enjoy the drink, drugs, sex and clubs. They have grown rich on the pickings but now the future looks uncertain. The political elite however have no intention of handing on the reigns of power. It's purely a question of presentation. A new leader, a new policy a new face will be required. Difficult choices have to be made and some people will disappear.


Safe in their cosy hotel sanctuary the political elite plot to remove the PM. A corruption scandal is rolled out but the PM and his henchmen ruthlessly sweep those involved aside - but family history is more difficult to conceal and it's this which ultimately destroys him. Unknown to the PM he has a daughter living in the US and arrangements are made to bring the nineteen-year-old cokehead to Britain. Immersed in the music and dance scene she comes looking for fun and vengeance for her parents' betrayal. However she doesn't know her father's identity.


Assisted at every turn by the PM's enemies, his daughter is given every opportunity to spend time with her father. Her mother sees what is happening and tries to stop the inevitable, but is too late. His daughter seduces him, and when father and daughter realise what they have done, he kills her and then himself. His enemies are left triumphant and ready to seek a new mandate from the people. A new face, the Home Secretary - a rebel in his youth -

"hard as fuck on evil nowadays. Since that's the only policy that pays".

- steps into his leaders shoes and spins.