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Laughter When We're Dead

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A modern day Jacobean revenge tragedy by one of Britain's foremost poets, Sean O'Brien.

Directed by Julien Temple.
Produced by Stewart Mackinnon and Mark Lavender with music by Primal Scream & Asian Dub Foundation.

Laughter When We're DeadSummer 2005. The major world economies are in recession and the British economy is in free fall. Distinctions between left and right have disappeared, corruption and cynicism prevail and the government faces certain electoral defeat. The people want new faces at the top and new music in the clubs.

A sinister political elite at the heart of government hatch a plan to stay in power whilst others take steps to remove them. Key figures are discredited or just disappear. A leading politician is seduced by a woman whom he discovers too late is his vengeful daughter, and a political entrapment becomes a personal tragedy..

Written in verse as a savage Jacobean revenge tragedy by Sean O'Brien, directed by the leading film-maker Julien Temple, and driven by the music of some of Britain's top dance music artists including Primal Scream and Asian Dubb Foundation.

This is a classic tale of the abuse of power; corruption and betrayal, both personal and political. The language is tough, bleak, fast and funny.

"You're old, you're pissed, you're ignorant, you're poor,
The son of a dole-wallah and a hoor.
I've spent my lifetime hoping for the best
From twats like you.
You've failed the fuckin' test."

Laughter When We're Dead is adapted by Sean from his new stage play (Live Theatre June 2000), described by The Guardian (June 14th 2000) in a double page spread as 'a staggering piece of poetry'.

Critic Derek Malcolm called Julien Temple's, Pandemonium (2000) "the other outstanding British film (of 2000)...literate and beautifully extraordinary contrast to the also excellent The Filth and the Fury (also 2000)." Stage, Screen & Radio Dec/ Jan 2001.

Working with a number of top dance music artists including Primal Scream and Asian Dub Foundation to create a hard core soundtrack.